Our Team


An award-winning teacher with a passion for helping everyone become better at what they do, Jacki Brickman is a pro at relating to people. She has a reputation for empowering people through her keen observations and insightful feedback. Be prepared for hilarious reenactments of her personal and professional experiences. Her ability to captivate diverse audiences suggests that she might just practice the communication skills she teaches.

Jacki surrounds herself with smart people. Meet a few of them:


Abby Sander is at her best when she is advocating for others. As a teacher, her belief in creating a learning environment where all students feel valued and celebrated led her to join her district’s Culturally Responsive Teaching Team. As a leader, she uses humor and empathy while working with educators to support collaboration. She honed her skills and dug deeper into Michael Grinder’s work as she earned her certification as an ENVoY Demonstration Teacher. She loves Birkenstocks shoes so much that her former teaching partner calls her an undercover hippie…who just happens to be hiding in plain sight.



As the former principal of Elizabeth Hall International Elementary School, the first ENVoY Certified school in Minnesota, Bennice Young saw first-hand how ENVoY promoted healthy relationships between educators and students, especially those that were the most fragile and hardest to reach. Whether it is through the laughter that comes from an engaging story or the warmth that comes through during a coaching session, time with Bennice is memorable. She’s also a great one to travel alongside if you want to learn tricks for getting better accommodations…she’s talked her way into room upgrades and better tables at restaurants enough times for it to be considered a skill-set. Plan extra time when you go out to eat, however. She never orders straight off the menu.



Prior to becoming Chief Rockstar at Jacki Brickman, Inc., Cheri Runke was a paraprofessional in Minneapolis Public Schools, where she supported students in and out of the classroom. A trained nanny, she also supported a young adult with special needs. These assets make Cheri a natural at keeping the team in-line and breathing low, through her laughter and her ability to manage needs, even before the team knows they have a need. Cheri is the glue that keeps all the parts, people and pieces connected. Lucky for the team (bad for her), she always puts the needs of others in front of her own.


Jamie Tam is known and appreciated by friends and colleagues for her positive energy, warm smile, and low breathing- even in the most stressful situations.  Jamie is licensed as a K-12 Visual Arts teacher and started her career in North Minneapolis at Elizabeth Hall International. She most recently taught in Roseville. Jamie is the model of healthy living for our team, but homemade chocolate chip cookies get her almost every time.




Jessica Miller has been implementing Michael Grinder’s work in board and committee management, staff leadership, project management and professional development for 15 years. Her innate ability to see the big picture while managing an extraordinary amount of detail makes her an excellent project manager. Jessica balances her attention to detail with her attention to relationships through humor, kindness and empathy. Jessica has a high commitment to productivity. So much so, if you’re meeting with her and you’re late you better have a Hall Pass or a darn good reason.




Marilyn McKeehen’s enthusiasm is contagious, and those who know her appreciate her caring heart, her ability to quickly assess situations, and her ability to help people implement new strategies. As a former elementary principal, she is deeply committed to supporting teachers as they implement ENVoY strategies. As a coach, Marilyn quickly puts people at ease and provides meaningful and practical feedback tailored to each individual. She has always been an innovator and as a grade schooler Marilyn entertained her friends by creating braces out of paperclips. If you ask her nicely, she might model a set for you.


Nathan Elliott is most passionate about impacting student learning by helping educators develop the skills already within themselves to become even better at their work. In addition to training and coaching, he has hosted hundreds of fellow educators in his own classroom as an ENVoY Demonstration Teacher. He is a walking advertisement for all things Apple and sorts his friends into categories. He likes to be involved in anything interesting and some might say he has a fear of missing out…we like to think he just has a lot of energy.

Nancy round croppedNancy

A passionate advocate of improving student learning through support of teachers and teacher leaders, Nancy Burns is the CEO of Midwest Educational Consultants. When Jacki took her first ENVoY class from Nancy, she was captivated by Nancy’s warmth and engaging presentation style. Jacki took her class again. And again. And again. You stalk (not literally) someone enough, they are either going to call the cops or get to know you. Jacki is grateful that Nancy chose the latter. For the past 15 years Jacki and Nancy have been friends and creative partners. Oh, and if you want to see this tiny gal get all fired up…drop one of the following hooks the next time you see her: A) The job of the high-poverty teacher is no different than any other teacher; B) Where the technology is placed in the classroom doesn’t matter; or, C) Standardized testing.

Michael round croppedMichael

A hyperactive child who graduated from high school with a 4th grade reading level, Michael Grinder went on to earn a Master’s degree, became runner-up for Washington’s Teacher of the Year, and authored 13 books including the ENVoY Trilogy. He is the master of, and world-renown expert in, the power of influence, the science of nonverbal communication, leadership, group dynamics, advanced relationship building skills, and presentation skills. Nancy and Jacki are grateful for his guidance and mentorship.