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Coaches Group

I believe that as a teacher, my primary role is to provide a safe, engaging, and empowering space for children to grow and make mistakes in. The use of ENVoY has allowed me to preserve relationships and build respect while still maintaining high expectations behaviorally and academically. ENVoY allows me to avoid power-struggles while kids also can “save face”, make mistakes, and learn from them. As I have become more proficient in ENVoY skills, my classroom has become more calm and affirming; a space where lots of learning happens (socially AND academically) and where students can still be themselves.Shana Kwatampora
As I reflect about our class this week (A Healthy Classroom), the word that comes to mind is transformational.  I can’t wait to continue this ENVoY journey…Kris McIntyre, Teacher, Mississippi Elementary
We need to have Jacki back to present to the doctors again… and then doctors and staff together. She brings up things I never thought about, yet so important to our effectiveness with patients. Excellent!Member of the Minnesota Optometric Association
I love ENVoY! In the small amount of time I have been using pieces of it, it has impacted my classroom tremendously! I see students feeling more confident with what is expected of them and I get to save my voice for instruction!!!Jacki Chiabotti, Teacher, Mississippi Elementary


ENVoY has completely changed the way I interact with my students and manage my classroom in such a positive way. Learning ENVoy and using it in my classroom has really changed the way I view my students and my teaching. It allows me to save my energy and focus on maintaining relationships with my students and my teaching.Alicia Darby, Teacher, Mississippi Elementary
As a speech teacher and coach, I was well aware of the impact non-verbal communication has on our lives. It wasn’t until ENVoY, however, that I was able to see how I can use it positively in my classroom. This class has made management so much easier and allowed me to really maximize my learning time. I highly recommend it to all educators.Jennifer McCarty, Secondary English, Eastview High School District 196
As an elementary teacher and college instructor I have needed strategies that work at both levels to engage my students in a respectful and positive manner. ENVoY has taught me these skills as well as how to understand the different learning styles of my students. This has been invaluable to me as an educator. I have taken this course several times and each time was able to take something practical away that I could implement in my classroom immediately. I highly recommend it to all new and veteran educators.Alyssa Snyder, Adjunct Instructor at Augsburg College Instructor
Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! Thank you!!!! My gosh!!! It really worked! If you ever develop a weight loss program I am so there!!!!Terry Pena, Staff Developer
[Catalyst] was one of the best staff development courses I have ever taken. The time just flew by with one good idea after another. I was anxious to come back for the second session. I learned techniques that I could use right away and every day in my job as a TAP mentor. Jacki and Nancy were dynamite, happy to be there and anxious to share their knowledge with us!!!Gail Goulett-Meyer, Edison High School- Minneapolis Public Schools
Thank you so much for working with us this year, Jacki. It has honestly been the best staff development I have ever had, and I learned so much about myself and how to be more aware of how others may perceive me. INVALUABLE! Meeting once a month helped keep the momentum going. Thank you!Michelle Zimmerman, Principal, Anoka- Hennepin District 11