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The following photos are examples of how teachers have implemented ENVoY strategies.

Exit Directions:

Exit Directions Exit Directions Exit Directions Sharolyn Carlson, Morris Bye Elementary

IMG_2724 Dawn Lundeen-Eisenhower Unknown-2 IMG_0010

IMG_0019 IMG_0023 IMG_0007 IMG_0027

Exit Direction Tools Exit Directions, Ann Van Gheem, Chemistry at Andover High School Brittan Neiderhiser, Art at Monroe Elementary Nic Hahn, Art Educator Hassan Elementary


Small Group Exit Directions:

Small Group Exit Directions Bostad Exit Directions

Exit Directions for Learning Centers:

IMG_0024 Exit Directions from Angela Alexander's kindergarten classroom to support student independence during Listen to Reading time while she meets with small groups.

Visual Expectations:

IMG_0021 IMG_0022 IMG_0023

IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013

IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0004

IMG_0001 IMG_0026 IMG_0019 IMG_0003

IMG_0027 IMG_0015 IMG_0016 IMG_0017

IMG_0025 IMG_0009 IMG_0018 This visual is compliments of Vicki Olson from Evergreen Park. Thanks, Vicki!

This small group math visual is compliments of Yen Huynh-Vue from Evergreen Park.

Hallway Help:

Both the teacher and line leader carry this visual to remind students of hallway expectations Each expectation clearly separated and supported by images Hallway expectations visual that teachers slide inside badge sleeves Actual size of visual hallway expectations

Stop signs to mark where line leaders stop in the hallway Hallway view of the stop signs Morning expectation reminder for arrival Visual for hallway behaviors

Visual on a stick! Line leaders carry it to remind each other the hallway is a quiet zone

Visual Supports and Procedural Directions:

Visual to remind Ms. Dehnicke's 3rd graders what to do when lining up. Visual support from Ms. Brink's 5th grade ILA class to help students with their use of quotation marks. Clever. This is a fun way to non-verbally signal to her students and colleagues that she isn't available and reminds those around to use a private voice to support the concentration of her student. Steps to accepting No for an answer from Ms. Cramer's primary SPED room.

Right Brain visual to support writing from Ms. Chiabotti's 1st grade classroom. Read to Someone anchor chart from Ms. Belk's first grade classroom at Evergreen Park! Hallway sample from Mississippi Elementary School in Coon Rapids End of the day procedures in Ms. Dehnicke's 3rd grade

Check out these anchor charts from Ms. Belk's first grade classroom at Evergreen Park! Brie Canfield posts this visual information to help her students effectively and independently take a break. Pencil dispenser! Alysia Nahring's 2nd graders can get a pencil from the dispenser (previously for straws) when they need one. Cuts down on the search for the perfect pencil! IMG_0008

IMG_0015 IMG_0018 Exit Directions from Angela Alexander's kindergarten classroom to support student independence during Buddy Reading time while she meets with small groups. Exit Directions from Angela Alexander's kindergarten classroom to support student independence during Guided Math time

Exit Directions from Angela Alexander's kindergarten classroom to support student independence during Guided Reading:Daily 5time while she meets with small groups. Exit Directions from Angela Alexander's kindergarten classroom to support student independence during Work on Writing time while she meets with small groups. Daily 5 Choices GuidedMath



Visual Instructions for the first day of school:

Easel outside of Ms. Kraft's 5th grade classroom on the first day of school. Opening Visual directions from Ms. Patterson's 4th grade. This easel was in the hallway, at her door, so students knew what was expected. Inside the classroom, in her Exit Direction Location, was another set of the directions Opening visual instructions from Ms. Andersen's first grade arrival at Morris Bye Elementary. Steps to get the teacher's attention from Ms. Cramer's primary SPED room.

Transition visuals from Nathan Elliott's 2nd grade classroom at Monroe Elementary School. Visual supports for choosing a partner- Ms. Lundeen's 2nd grade


Kindergarten Visuals and Exit Directions:

Arrival directions from Sara Anderson's kindergarten Close up photo Directions for a specific center in Ms Hawkins' Kingergarten Exit Directions for Choice Time in Ms. Hawkins' Kindergarten.

Kindergarten Reading Center Exit Directions from Lori Hansen's kindergarten at CBPA Morning entrance directions near the door of Ms. Boettger's kindergarten classroom. Opening Visual Instructions from Sue Boettger's Kindergarten. Patty Sullivan put black squares of construction paper on the edges of her manipulative bins and then glued the actual manipulative on the outside for students to find what they needed even more easily! - Evergreen Park

Picture first, words second...Different colors help sort out the different tasks. Taking Care of books in Ms. Abel's Kindergarten...treat them gently like a baby Walking in the Hallway...this reminder hangs by the doorway as a last minute visual check. Ms. Hawkins' Kindergarten Writer's Workshop Exit Directions from Lori Hansen's kindergarten at CBPA

Lunch and Recess Visuals and Supports:

Cafeteria expectations Cafeteria visual expectations CBPA 3-5 Cafeteria uses a reusble whiteboard as a visual reminder of the condiments and other items students should have before transitioning to their table.

End of lunch visual Green sign indicates that recess is open and students may dump their food and walk out to recess if they are done eating. Hallway view of where students hang belongings before entering breakfast Lunch detention table.

Red sign indicates the social portion of lunch is almost over. Recess expectations near the playground door created by Terry Abel. The Eisenhower Recess Team posted this visual at the recess door for a safe and fun recess. Visual allows students to independently follow directions

Visual expectations Visual indicator of where recess will be held. Visual Lunch Menu Visual reminder of football rules

Visual using print only. Where students hang belongings before entering breakfast


Visual Ideas for Specialists:

Clean up directions from Ms. Amirouche's Art room. The students try and beat the song Mission Impossible at the end of Art class. Exit Directions (check out procedures) at Oxbow Creek Elementary School Media Center. Procedure stands out because background matches main theme color Exit Directions from Ms. Tam's Art Class. Music Teacher Deborah Dille, at Champlin-Brooklyn Park Academy, uses this visual to remind her students of the expectation while the teacher is talking. Jennifer Youngquist uses a visual map to teach the game Line Soccer. Going visual not only supports understanding and increases memory, it can also serve as a 3rd point of focus when a student needs a reminder about expectations.

Right Brain Visuals from Mrs. Lundeen’s 2nd Grade:

Book bin:book nook visual support for the beginning of the year- can be revisited when needed. Even in the second grade! Fill your Bucket. Mrs. Lundeen's visual for herself- Group Formation from Chapter 1 of A Healthy Classroom (Echo Acknowledge Silence Your Hands)

Partner Reading Routines Pictures first words second Routine to get students ready for morning meeting The connection between your breathing, your brain and joy.

Using the restroom routines (Mrs. Lundeen has a restroom in her classroom, saves time yet needs clear procedures in order to decrease distraction) Using the restroom routines # 2... even more right brain


Opening Visual Instructions:

A closer look (2 of 2) Arrival directions from John Horton's 2nd grade classroom. Entrance directions in he hallway of Mandy Erickson's first grade classroom. Entrance directions in he hallway of Shana Dickson's first grade classroom.

Hallway instructions to lead into the opening visual instructions inside the classroom. Opening procedures in Ms. Belk's first grade at Evergreen Park. Opening visual instructions from Linda Protovinsky's 2nd grade classroom! Opening Visual instructions with icons support both right and left brain from Ms. Krogen's 1st grade

Photographs are a great addition to visual instructions. Red attention grabber! (1 of 2) The boxes on the bottom are a refinement of strategy she saw at Elizabeth Hall Elementary school where the first arrivers complete the louder jobs first, so that the classroom remains calm as students enter. Visual Arrival Directions 2 of 2 from Julie Danielowski's 1st Grade Classroom

IMG_0845 IMG_0774 IMG_0771 Dawn Lundeen--Green apples are jobs for early arrivers to do, the students turn the apples to red when the job is done.

Kristi Westrom Small Group Opening Visual Instructions IMG_0008 IMG_0010 IMG_0001

IMG_0003 IMG_0014 IMG_0013 IMG_0007 

Ann Van Gheem, Chemistry at Andover High School    Ms. Mayers Anoka Middle SchoolMs. Mayers Anoka Middle SchoolJanice Eason, Kindergarten at Oxbow Creek Elementary

IMG_0018 IMG_0021 IMG_0020 Morning Checklist

Opening Visual